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Who We Are | Best Mobile Pet Vaccinations in Pinellas County FL

Community Vaccine Clinics was established by local Pinellas County veterinarians. We are your best choice, in Pinellas County, for affordable pet vaccinations. These pet vaccinations are available through our mobile wellness and low cost pet vaccination clinics.

We Provide Affordable Low Cost Pet Vaccinations with our Mobile Vaccine Clinics

We are a group of Pinellas County veterinarians who recognize the need to provide affordable low cost pet vaccinations for the pet owners and residents in Pinellas County. We also want to provide the best professional wellness and preventative veterinary pet care for our resident pet owners. We believe that this service needs to be through your own Pinellas County veterinarians.

For our pet owners, we have invested in a mobile pet vaccination clinic that will be able to provide affordable low cost pet vaccinations within Pinellas County. Through Community Vaccine Clinics, we will be able to serve you and insure that every pet owner will have the opportunity to obtain needed preventative veterinary pet healthcare services for their pets.

Community Vaccine Clinics for pets, is not just a mobile vaccine clinic with cheap affordable low cost pet vaccinations for dogs, cats, kittens and puppies. We are a true wellness and preventative veterinary provider just as capable in providing preventative services as any veterinary animal hospital or clinic.

This discounted pet vaccination service is brought to you by practicing veterinarians, who actually work and live in Pinellas County Florida. You can find similar low cost options for pet vaccines at Petco and Walgreens but these vaccination clinics are not provided by your local veterinarians.

Community Vaccine Clinics is not an out of state mobile pet vaccination clinic. Presently, the pet owners in Pinellas County have only the option of using low cost pet vaccination services from either out of state, such as California or out of county services. These services are staffed with licensed veterinarians, but they do not reside or practice in Pinellas County Florida. They have no ties to our area.

Those operations, providing low cost pet vaccinations, come into the area just to collect the money and then leave. They go back to their out of county veterinary practices, and leave you with no follow up or good record keeping option.

Community Vaccine Clinics, is all about your own Pinellas County veterinarians providing a needed mobile and low cost pet vaccination clinic for the local community. Because this is a local pet vaccination service, operated by your own Pinellas County veterinarians, Community Vaccine Clinics can provide important follow up, direct communication and medical records for your pet’s personal veterinarian. If needed, your veterinarian will be able to talk directly to our Community Vaccine Clinics veterinarian.

If you have ever used a Petco, PawsPlus, Vetwellcare, Walgreens or another low cost option for your pets vaccinations, we invite you to try Community Vaccine Clinics and experience the difference.

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